Twitter – you’re dead to me

I seem to have fallen out of love with Twitter.

A dead bird on the floor
This one certainly ain't tweeting any more

For the first few days of this year, I haven’t checked my Twitter timeline. At all. Not once. This was not a concious or deliberate decision – I just haven’t felt the need to look at it. I think the new-found focus from my New Year’s resolutions may be filling in a gap that used to be filled with Twitter. Basically, I had too much spare time on my hands!

I am now getting on with other stuff instead. Whether it is more useful stuff is debatable, but it is stuff that is more likely to have an impact on my life than passively reading a Twitter feed and then randomly diving in to the deep end of the web by following a link to something that I absolutely must read.

All of that said, I will probably continue to tweet myself. I find it to be a very useful venting mechanism sometimes and I would be in a worse place without it. I may also dip in to specific followee’s timelines ocassionally to see what’s going on. But the hour or more per day that I was spending keeping up with Twitter can be better used elsewhere, so it has to go.

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