I ended up in the pub during the time that I hoped to use to finish my ‘proper’ blog post. Woops!

After the pub, I went back to my mates’ flat and watched the 4th Shrek film (I have no idea what the actual title was). Best described as ‘meh’ I think. Good story but not as funny as the early versions.

This was quickly followed by ‘Taken’ starring Liam Neeson which was pretty darn good. Zero thinking required, lots of guns and explosions and some pretty girls all make for a great movie.

Yesterday I watched Bee Movie, Wall-E and Inception. So I have seen 5 films in the first two days of 2011. I think that is more than I saw in the whole of 2010. This increased movie watching is a trend I would like to continue, but only if it’s not to the detriment of books!

We shall see what happens!

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